Power of data for social enterprises

WE help our non-profit partners generate:


Through rigorous research, advanced data analytics and visualization we  uncover hidden insight in social data & help non-profits tell their stories and deliver their messages with a clear and convincing voice.


Who we are

We are not-for-profit research & analytics agency built for today. We partner with other non-profits to help them generate insights and drive their missions with best-in-class research, analytics & data visualization. Our reports get used in marketing, communications, fundraising applications and more.

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design & data visualization

Because of the way the human brain processes information, using charts or graphs to visualize data is much more impactful than going over spreadsheets or reports. 


marketing & creative

Data driven marketing & creative is the most powerful way to spread awareness of social issues. We create captivating marketing materials that tell the stories of our partners better than any report ever could.


We help non-profits make sense of their structured and unstructured data. We are industry practitioners routed in analytics.


Hidden in the data lies true insight into potential solutions for current social issues. But not all data is collected and clearly presented. Research comprises "creative and systematic work undertaken to increase the stock of knowledge, including knowledge of humans, culture and society,


What Inspired Us

Not-for-profits should focus on what they do best and that is focus on their core mission. After working with multiple not-for-profit organizations, we understand that due to nature of work they do and the way most organizations are structured it is difficult to harness the power of data for insight, strategy, marketing & promotion. It requires specialized skill set, dedicated budget and significant time investment that takes the organization off its track. Especially newer organizations might simply not have the resources. We are here to fill the gap.

We assist non-profits in tasks that we have years of experience in, involving research, data analysis, visualization, data presentation for fund raising, marketing and more. We empower social change by making our partners’ data speak for them with a clear, convincing voice.

Started in 2018 by a group of MBA students who want to make a difference in their community by helping organizations discover & present insights from their data.


Our Team


Andrey S.

Andrey is a business professional with analytics, operations  & strategy experience both for corporate and multiple not-for-profit organizations where he sits on various committees. Andrey graduated from York with a degree in Economics and is currently an MBA student at Schulich School of Business. 


Kavita S.

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Mandy is a SAS certified analytics professional, data visualizer, analytical strategist and proactive doer. Graduated from Schulich MBA with focus in Marketing & Quantitative Analytics, she has built her career on analyzing key business metrics on large scale projects. Mandy currently holds an analytics role with a large retail company in Canada.



Vicky is a designer with experience in content creation, market research, data visualization and motion graphics. She delivers high-quality infographics and interactive dashboards with her knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite and Tableau. Vicky is also currently an MBA student.



Andrey brings years of startup experience where he worked in various roles. Graduated from York University in bilingual BA in Political Science, Andrey worked and studied in Canada, Belgium & Japan.  He specializes in continuous process improvement, strategic planning, customer service, product quality assurance and compliance.



Regina is an interactive media designer & artist with years of experience creating beautiful & captivating graphics. Regina currently holds a graphic design position working for a large arts company in Toronto  & is a student at Seneca in the Interactive media design program. Regina also holds a degree in Architectural design.


Get Involved


work with us

If you are a not-for-profit organization looking for cutting edge research or need to solve a data driven problem, create an insightful report or captivating creative, let's work together. If you are just thinking of a project, lets stay in touch.


We are always on the lookout for talented volunteers to work on exciting data analytics, visualization and design, research & marketing projects. If you are interested please contact any member of our team or by clicking the button below.

sponsor a project

Get involved by sponsoring one of our ongoing projects. We work with various non-profits working on solving multiple critical social issues across the province Contact us to get a list of  projects and see how your organization can contribute.